Step Three

Sit back, we move our equipment and tools into your space and we dont leave until the project is complete. One yard at a time!

After building our Dream Home in Silverado we were at a crossroads with our landscaping. We wanted our yard to be an extension of our home and our lifestyle.  Our concern was that the other landscapers that we spoke with just didn’t “get it.” After a referral from our homebuilder, we contacted Evan at My Great Yard. 

From the initial concept design through completion, our landscaping project exceeded all of our expectations. What impressed us the most was the value that we received  - quality certainly doesn’t have to cost more! Our yard is now the envy of our neighbourhood and we couldn’t have been more pleased! 

Their attention to detail was what truly set My Great Yard apart. Every member of the My Great Yard team took pride in our project. Going above and beyond on everything is just what these guys do!”

                                                                               Clint N

Step Two

MyGreatYard makes drawings for you. This part of the process is vital to understanding the scope of the work, the costs, construction timelines, and expectations on behalf of all parties. These drawings are not just to understand planting arrangments and rock placement... these drawings must detail exact grade numbers, water flows, stair rises and runs, irrigation, plumbing and electrical, and all hard surface quantities. All the components of your great yard will be detailed here.  This process should never be rushed... when we send you the first drawing, the editing process begins. We will all work together to tweak each and every part of your great yard! It is at this stage that we also adjust quantities and componants to meet budgets. There is a fee for this work. This cost will be refunded upon completion of the project. 

Contact us. Lets meet? Limited season and limited availablity. We do One Job at a Time!

We will make this easy!

Step One

You make an appointment where we can all meet on your site. You will need your Real Property (RPR), your ideas and your wish list. You may also like your significant others in on this. This initial meeting is free and is the beginning of the process. We have loads of questions and tons of ideas that are all necessary to get us to step two.

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